Let This Mind Be In You


Let This Mind Be in You

Pages: 110
ISBN-13:Â 978-9715120005


"Books on personal evangelism abound. Relatively few of those,

however, have been born out of the matrix of strenuous day-to-day

involvement in the very heart of a great mission field.
'Let this Mind be in You' is a book on personal evangelism that grew

out of the unique missionary endeavor of missionary Charles Brock

of the Philippines.  Missionary Brock has developed an approach to

witnessing that reflects the cross-cultural circumstances in which for

some years he has labored as a missionary.
In other words, the approach provided here will work. It will work with almost anyone at almost any place in almost any time. If one wishes to know how to become a compassionate personal evangelist, capturing the hearts and minds of men, read 'Let this Mind be in You' by a missionary who, across the years, has demonstrated his own remarkable attainments in this very area."
- W.A. Criswell

Pastor's Study

Every Christain a Minister
Every Christian to be a Minister
Part I
Jesus and His Transparent Personality
Jesus and Sin
Jesus and Love
Jesus and Humility
Part II
Salvation: Forgiveness of Sin
Salvation: Cleansing of the Pollution of Sin
Salvation: Infusion of the God-kind-of-Life
Part III
Jesus and Nicodemus
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler