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Charles and Dottie Brock 

Church Growth International was founded in 1991 by Charles and Dottie Brock who were armed with 20 years of church planting experience in the Philippines. Charles began his church planting ministry with a determination to follow Biblical principles and drop deep-seated traditions that have been followed as if they were Biblical. In the process of church planting, he developed Bible study materials appropriate for this purpose. This was during a time when “indigenous church planting principles” were beginning to take root among foreign missions. The use of Charles’ Bible study materials spread to other countries, being translated into the local languages.


Returning to the States, Charles was struck by the realization that these materials were needed in the U.S. as much as in foreign countries. He began publishing these, plus how-to books aimed at changing the way churches were being planted worldwide. The key to church planting, in his mind, was to follow the lead of the Apostle Paul in birthing healthy, self-supporting and self-replicating indigenous churches which were not dependent on missionaries or mission agencies for their financial or spiritual well-being. He firmly believes that any work started by a missionary should be completely reproducible and within the means of the indigenous peoples, and should be led by the Holy Spirit.

Back in his hometown of Neosho, Missouri, Brock started printing, publishing and promoting his books and speaking at seminars on church planting. He is now widely accepted as an authority on church planting, and his books are published in many languages. No armchair quarterback, Brock still maintains ties to those he worked with in the Philippines where a number of churches still thrive and continue to reproduce as a result of his and Dottie's work there.

Today Brock, along with his staff and board of directors, continues to promote this simple, effective method of church planting and church growth. These materials are designed to bring people to a life-changing experience with Jesus Christ and then disciple them. The aim is to make disciples and birth churches that are world changing rather than social organizations. Brock has published over fifteen books, which are available from CGI.