John - Behold the Lamb


Pages: 164
ISBN-13: 978-1885504241
This chapter-by-chapter study of John is meant to be a resource for 
Bible teachers. It is not meant to be a basic text for the study but only a help in better understanding the Gospel of John. The Gospel of John itself is the basic text for the study.

Some chapters of this text are not a verse-by-verse treatment of the 
Bible text. In these chapters a few key verses that underscore a great truth might be dealt with.
Each chapter is preceded by an outline of the Bible text of that chapter.

The Gospel of John gives a clear picture of the deity of Christ. The way of salvation is magnified.

This book can be used as:

  • Resource Help: Teaching or preaching chapter by chapter through the Gospel of John.
  • Group Bible Study



  • Using this study guide
  • Introduction to John's Gospel
  • Outline of John's Gospel
  • John 1: The Lamb Introduced
  • John 2: Faith Confirmed
  • John 3: The Man Among Men
  • John 4: Faith on the March
  • John 5: A Rebel with a Cause
  • John 6: Bread from Heaven
  • John 7: Testimony in the Temple
  • John 8: The Light of the World
  • John 9: One thing I Know
  • John 10: The Good Shepherd
  • John 11: Untie Him and let Him Go
  • John 12: Signs of Triumph
  • John 13: Humility without Humiliation
  • John 14: Preliminaries to Calvary
  • John 15: Encouragement to the Discouraged
  • John 16: Precious Predictions
  • John 17: Jesus Prayed
  • John 18: A Night of Denial
  • John 19: Come visit the Cross
  • John 20: From Defeat to Deliverence
  • John 21: True Love
  • Bible Study Materials