Good News for You


Pages: 29
The purpose of the book is to bring people to authentic faith in

Christ. It can be studied alone, with a counselor or in a group.

The lessons are based on the Gospel of John, so either a copy

of the Gospel of John, a New Testament or a Bible will be needed

for the study.

The lessons are simply questions with the students finding the

answers in the Bible. The suggested procedure of use is found in

the introduction of the book.

The following is a testimonial by Danny L. Johnson, Director of

Missions, Pulaski Baptist Association, Little Rock, Arkansas:
Several decades ago Dr. Charles Brock wrote an evangelistic

Bible study book that the Lord has used to touch the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world. This little booklet, "Good News for You," has been translated into more than 100 languages. Here are a few reasons why I strongly recommend the book to anyone who aspires to share their faith with unbelievers:

  1.  It is Bible driven. Every thought, every principle, every truth in the book comes directly from the Bible. This is not a book that attempts to use logic or philosophy to persuade an unbeliever to agree with Christianity.
  2. It is Holy Spirit led. Unlike most evangelistic materials, this book encourages the believer to allow the Holy Spirit to use God's Word to convict and convert the unbeliever.
  3. It is reproducible: Any born-again believer can use this book to guide an unbeliever to faith in Jesus Christ. Why? Because it is the Holy Spirit who guides the unbeliever to respond to God's Word, not a man made witnessing program or plan.

Bottom line, I believe "Good News for You" works because I have witnessed the fruit myself. I have personally used the booklet to share Jesus Christ with thousands of people around the world. While the book may come off as too simple for some self-proclaimed theologians and scholars, we may need to remind ourselves that it is not the wisdom of men that saves souls, but it is the grace of God that transforms lives.

Let me leave you with two personal examples. First, while serving as a church planter in the Philippines, I used this book to help guide a young college student to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Today, that young man holds a PhD in New Testament Studies from a prestigious Baptist seminary in the United States. He currently serves as a professor of New Testament and Greek at the Baptist seminary in his home country. Even closer to home, I used the book to share Christ with both my own children. Both my children trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior while working through this study. Both my children have since graduated from prestigious Ivy League universities. All that to say, as simple as it may seem, we need to remind ourselves that it is the Good News that saves, not the philosophies of men. To that end, I recommend you get a copy of "Good News for You" to share Jesus Christ with someone you care about.