Galations: From Law to Grace


This is a chapter by chapter study guide for the book of Galatians. The Bible will be the actual text. The issue in Galatians is: How is a person made righteous? What makes a person a Christian?

False teachers told the Galatian churches that faith in Christ was not enough. They said that keeping the religious law of Israel was also necessary.

The theme of the letter to the Galatians is: Right standing with God comes only through a faith dependence upon Christ and Christ alone. Thus genuine freedom becomes possible.

The indirect style of leadership used with "Good News for You" and "I Have Been Born Again, What Next?" may be used when leading a group through this book. There are questions for study and discussion at the end of each chapter. Someone with little or no experience can lead a group in the study of Galatians using this guide.

This study guide was originally written to be used by new believers who had just completed the study of "Good News for You" and "I Have Been Born Again - What Next?"