Fishers of Men

Fishers of Men

In the midst of much MS fatigue and some discouragement, I took a long, close look at my life and ministry. I was chagrined to find that I was coasting. Coasting has never been my way of life. As I searched for a way over this big bump in my road, I began daily to pray a three-fold prayer:

    1.  Lord, help me to love you more than life itself.
      -Matthew 22:37-38

    1. Help me to understand and love more than life that which You are doing through Christ Jesus.
      -John 3:16

  1. Help me to have Kingdom expansion eyes every day everywhere I go.
    -Matthew 28:18-20 


As I searched the scriptures I was hit square in the face with Matthew 4:19: And he said to them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. Church planting had been my passion for many years. Being a “fisher of men” is the first step in biblical church planting. Now that I was not actively planting churches, somewhere along the way being a fisher of men fell in the cracks. Through His Word, God reminded me that being a fisher of men has always been my first calling. Now I had to make a conscious decision whether or not to follow that calling. I chose to follow. I committed myself to be a full-time fisher of men.


This is the most fun I have ever had fishing. My fishing tool of choice is the "Good News for You" booklet. It has the full Gospel – directly from the Scriptures - in one small booklet. It is simple, easy to understand, non-confrontational and it is inexpensive.  Anyone can use this tool.


God’s timing is always right. The USA is a large, needy mission field. People feel insecure, hopeless, hungry for some good news. And I have it for them. Since I started on this fishing journey I have seen more miracles than in the past twenty years. Fishing has become an everyday way of life for me. I invite you to join me in the most exciting fishing trip you could ever take. Others can attest to this. Being fishers of men is the first calling of every person who has been born again.

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