Alex Dulay Testimony:

Fruits from Seeds Planted

I will never know all that God is going to do, and I do not need to know, so I just keep on sowing the Seed and trust the Holy Spirit and the Word but following is an amazing testimony. Tom Escota, a strong Roman Catholic, had two marble manufacturing plants in the Manila area. Tom was born again and became the pastor of a new church. We had a Bible study in his marble plant in Balintawk. The group was small. Boy Domingo, a taxi driver, was the first pastor. Out of this small group came a young man named Alex Dulay who 35 years later has contacted me with the following message.

“Greetings in His most precious name! My name is Alex N. Dulay, Jr. one of the members at Balintawak Baptist Church Quezon City, Philippines back in 1981. I served with Bro. Boy Domingo as Bible study leader and Sunday school teacher. I am still using your books The Principles and Practices of Indigenous Church Planting, Questions People and Churches Ask, and The Gospel of John for Small Group Bible Studies.  I came here in San Diego, California in 1991 to join my parents, two sisters, and a brother. I am currently serving as the pastor of Chosen Vessel Christian Family Church at National City.


I thank God for what He is doing in His church. We grew from one home Bible study (5 people) to twenty-four home Bible studies (140 people) in fourteen years. The Chosen Vessel Christian Family Church here in National City serves as a beacon of light to the community and has a diverse ministry spread for children, young people, and seniors. We exist to exalt the Savior, equip the saints, and to evangelize the sinners. This church’s general purpose was taken from Ephesians 3:21 and Matthew 28:19-20 whereby we derived our own mission statement.”

”My Word will not return void...” This promise is all I need to keep me sowing

the Good News every day everywhere I go.

Freedom House this evening 3/28/2017.

Craig Avriel, missionary to Slovakia:

From Toby DeHay, Kentucky – June 14, 2017


Yesterday Christy and I went for an early morning walk. It’s hot, humid, and we enjoy the time we share talking and getting healthy. During our walks, our conversation will range from work, to family, faith, hopes, dreams, etc.


We were having a conversation on faith when I was reminded of something Charles Brock said over the weekend. He quoted a missiologist as saying, “any faith not worth sharing, is not worth having.”


As we talked, we discussed how saddened we were for the current state of the church. There are more pretend believers than actual believers. I have more Facebook friends who profess Christ with their lips and daily posts than live their Christianity out daily.


We talked about the increasing persecution of the church within the United States that no one seems to see. (Sure, we talk about the demise of Christian values within our churches and homes, but our daily actions prove we 1). Don’t get it, or 2). Don’t really care.) This increased persecution will lead to hate crime laws against believers, the loss of tax exemption for churches and ministries, and the stripping away of our first amendment rights to evangelize and preach God’s Word among other things.


I thought of the churches in my area and how I’ve been asking pastors and church leaders these two questions:


1.     Outside of preaching and teaching, do you actively share the Good News (evangelize) on a weekly basis with other people?

2.     Are you pouring into another person right now, intentionally leading them to be an active follower of Christ and teaching others in your church to do the same?


The answers I receive are both surprising…and not. I’m surprised that most pastors and leaders are neither sharing their faith NOR are in a discipleship relationship with another. I’m surprised that these people will lament the plateauing and dying church without themselves having a Great Commission mindset. I’m surprised that they keep looking to the newest and latest box or evangelistic tool from their favorite Christian retailer or missions sending organization to “fix their church,” while just as quickly abandoning it when it does not work.


At the same time, I’m not surprised. Pastors are not sharing because they have not been mentored and taught that evangelism is a must. Pastors are not discipling because they do not know what it looks like and are too embarrassed or afraid to ask for help. I’m not surprised our churches are plateauing and dying. We spend more time greasing the wheel of the needy “Christian” than we do pouring into the hungry disciple. We spend more and are in our churches more than we are on the streets, businesses, and homes of the lost sharing a cup of coffee and God’s Word.


If most pastors were honest and were asked to count those in their congregation who are Great Commission Christians and truly understood the definition of that, I believe they could count them on two hands at the most, many on one hand.


As we walked, a sad thought came to mind. One that I’m reminded of from time to time, but hate to think about. The reason we are not sharing, discipling, and acting as Great Commission Christians is because we do not believe “it.” The “it” is the Gospel. “Any faith not worth sharing, is not worth having.” This is why we don’t look any different from our lost co-worker or friend. This is why people come to our churches never to return. This is why we are plateauing and dying.


Pastor, are you leading your congregation as you evangelize weekly? Christian, are you learning to disciple a new or baby Christian? Please consider using the Good News For You! booklet for an “as you go” evangelistic method. People gladly receive it. It is a complete Gospel presentation, and you can be sure they can hear the Gospel whether they read it, or by sitting down with you for a weekly Bible study.


 I am sharing this with Bro Tobys approval. He may be the Martin Luther of our day – the Biblical position vs. the establishment. This will not win a popularity contest, but it is truth. Kentucky is fortunate to have such a leader.

Charles Brock

Charles Brock

"Danny Johnson, Director of Missions in Little Rock, Arkansas, says that "Good News for You" is the best evangelistic tool in the world! ORDER TODAY for only a dollar!"

A blind woman sees


For the past few weeks I have been going through the Good News for You booklet with a 63 year old legally blind woman.  She is a Roman Catholic from New York. I read the question and the scripture. Then I repeat the question slowly and pause at each blank. She responds with the answer. 

Today we were at lesson number six where a decision to follow Christ is called for. At the end of the lesson I read Romans 10:13 and I talked to her about how to pray the sinners prayer.


She said “I have already done that. Two weeks ago when you came by and prayed with me, I prayed that prayer and I was saved.” She spoke of the new peace she has and the joy in her life. She spoke of the chaos with the rest of the family but that she has peace. She prayed today thanking the Lord for her salvation.


 She agreed for me to come by each week and lead her through the study of I Have Been Born Again What Next?


Miracles are in the field.

Charles Brock


Brother Charles, You are spot on with our need to all be engaged in the work from the top tier of servants to the the guys out there making personal contacts. As I read of leaders two generations ago, they called it "personal work." It was the personal work that drove them to their knees binding the enemy and setting free captives. Lord teach us to pray.

Dr john Yeats, Mo. Baptist Convention

What difference does it make if you share the Gospel? Last year I gave every house in Fairview, MO a copy of Good News For You. Bills house was one that received a copy. A “successful” pastor asked me – how do you know if it makes any difference? Let’s see


A call came – Bill was dying


He was age 83 in a local hospital. They did not expect him to leave the hospital alive.  He was a good man, but no time for God or the church. 


When a friend who had shared with Bill the Gospel asked me to go see him. I went to see a man who appeared to be near death. When I walked into the room Bills wife recognized me as the “man with the red books.”

It was obvious that it would make no sense to leave the Good News booklet and ask him to work through it. He had tubes running everywhere. He could not stand up.


I sat beside him and showed him the page in lesson seven where it showed the wide road and the narrow road. I asked him which road he was on and he pointed to the wide road. I asked if he would like to get on the narrow road. He said, “yes”. We talked about how to pray the sinners prayer that would get him on the narrow road. He prayed that prayer and shared that something good had happened. I asked him if he was on the narrow road headed to heaven and he said yes. 

I went back the next day. His answer was without question – he was headed to heaven. To everyone’s surprise Bill got to go home. I went to visit with him several times and he always shared that everything was ok. We talked about baptism. The date was set. On the Friday before the baptism Bill turned bad  spiting up blood and weak. The family urged him to go to the hospital. He said no, he was going to be baptized. Weak, 6ft 4, with help he entered the baptistery. It was done. His large family was thrilled. 

Five days later Bill died. July 25, 2017

What difference does it make if we go with the Full Gospel?


That same Sunday I baptized the blind lady who is a registered nurse who had worked for NASA in Florida, a Catholic from New York. I sat with her and read the questions and Scriptures from the Bible. She was saved. What difference does it make if we go? Miracles are in the field and it takes time.


PS: so soon another story – I received a call last Saturday, August 26, 2017 a man near death prayed to receive Christ at a hospital in Springfield, MO. He could not talk. Again, I showed him the Wide road and the Narrow Road. We talked about getting on the narrow road and how to pray a sinners prayer. We prayed and I left. As I walked down the hall a family member ran to catch me. Somehow the man conveyed that he wanted me to come back. As I approached the bed he put up his heavily bandaged hand to touch mine and for the first time I saw a smile cross his face. He could not talk but he said something so loud and clear. 

A call came today ( three days later) that his blood pressure was 53 and his body was shutting down. To everyone’s surprise when I touched him arm his eyes opened wide and the smile was there. The nurse said, “he was shutting down, but he has turned around.” Live or die, he will live.

Youth from Anderson First Baptist Church sharing the "Good News" at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, MO 2017.  Many "Red Books" were handed out that day!

"I have used some of your materials in the prison work i did overseas and loved it!

  Amy Johnson

"I am a leader of 347 cell groups.  We want more."

Pablo Czyrgna

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