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Going on a mission trip? You need to read this booklet!
The following is the introduction by Dr. Jerry Rankin, Former President of the International Mission Board, SBC:
One of the evidences that God is at work to fulfill His mission of redeeming a lost world as we move into the 21st century is the phenomenal numbers of short-term volunteers who are responding to His call to be 'on mission' overseas.

I have often said that the Great Commission was not given to just a handful of disciples on a hillside in Galilee nor to just a small percentage of Christians who feel called as missionaries. It was given for every believer and every church; no one is exempt.

The potential of impacting our world for Christ is vastly multiplied by thousands of church members who are giving their time, often at great personal financial sacrifice, to travel overseas and work alongside missionaries for a few days or longer.

Whether an evangelistic crusade, discipleship training, construction, sports events, or medical clinics, it is important that what the volunteer does will contribute to long-term impact beyond the activity of the project itself.

That impact must, in some way, relate to church planting and growth. The volunteer will quickly be gone. The missionary is limited in what he or she can do.

The greatest potential for evangelizing a lost world is through establishing local fellowships of believers-a church-which will be a nucleus of witness and ministry that will continue to grow and multiply.

Sometimes the well-intended efforts and good work of volunteers can undercut that long-range benefit.

Charles Brock, an experienced church planter, has prepared this manual, not as a comprehensive guide for volunteers, but as a valuable tool to focus the volunteer project and work of volunteers with missionaries and nationals on the field in a way that can benefit that basic objective of indigenous church growth.

Brock has been a mentor and trainer for church planting throughout the United States and in over 30 countries around the world. He understands mission work from the perspective of the missionary and church members from America.

He explains and applies solid Biblical and spiritual principles to the practical methodologies that will make any project successful in any culture.

This manual for volunteers, and the widespread input and suggestions it contains from missionaries on the field, is an essential tool for preparation and follow-up for any mission project.
- Jerry Rankin,
Former President, International Mission Board, SBC

Some state conventions are automatically providing this manual for each volunteer going out.

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